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🎲 Quick start

Quick tour on how to create an animated banner

Interface overview

Design overview

Animation overview

Build a creative

Add a size

Rename a creative

Creatives screen

Delete a creative

✨ Design

What you can add to the banner

How to add an image

How to mask an image

How to add text

Change text style

Multi-element selection and editing

How to add a CTA button

How to delete an element

How to undo changes

Move an element forward and backward

Mirror or rotate an element

How to zoom

How to duplicate an element

Change size and position

Change fill

Add and change a shadow

Add and change a border


How to round corners

How to remove background

Change opacity

Customize the image, text or text color on one creative from the set.

Looping (temporary solution)

How to add the ®, ©, ℗, ™ symbols

💨 Animation

Animation types

How to add and delete animations

Copying and pasting animations

How to edit animations

Playing animations

🦾 AI powered tools

AI content variations

AI banner generation

AI image generation

AI translation

AI CTA generation

📥 Import your designs

Import Tiff from Photoshop and other editors

Import from Figma

📤 Export creatives


MP4 or GIF


🖇️ Integrations

Generate banners from feeds

DV360 integration

Facebook Integration

Webhook integration

Shopify (coming soon)

📑 Teamwork & Project Management

Sharing Link preview

Team Access

Brandbooks - your library of asset

Status and Deadline

Creative reviewing

🙋 Account and Billing

Account settings & language


SSO — Single sign on

Delete account

Change email

Cancellation of the auto-renewal


Is there an app so I can work on the phone?

What could be done in Viewst

Can I make banners for ads networks?

Can I upload my own files?

📺Tutorials Gallery

Keyboard shortcuts